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Your Top Questions Answered About Security Guards Services

We've compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our clients.

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Can I access the services of security guards for a function this week?

Urgent Security Guards For Events This Week

Guards For Event Security!

We can provide guards for any event in Brisbane. Our security services range from:

  • Birthday parties security
  • Wedding receptions security guards
  • Office parties security services
  • Parties at external venue such as clubs
  • Music events security
  • Crowd controllers at large events at the RNA Show Grounds or various stadiums around Brisbane

If you need guards do let us know. Our only preference is you employ the security personnel for at least 5 hours in one shift. All our guards will be in uniform and will work with your event manager on site to make sure the event goes smoothly.

Call or email us directly through our site here Click here to get in contact.

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Do you provide security guard services for break-in events of a property?

Offering Security Guards For Events Where There Are Break-Ins To A Premises

Extra Security Provided For Break-Ins To Premises!

Do you have a break-in at your home or business premises? We can provide round the clock security by having a security guard posted at the property to prevent the vandals coming back and causing further damage to the property.

Our guard can protect your property until tradesmen come the next day to repair the broken glass windows or doors.

If the break-in happens over the weekend we will have a guard posted on site round the clock until Monday when you can arrange the repairs to take place. Our guard will give you a full incident report if anything further should happen while they are on security duty on your premises.

If you need a quote please do call us.

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How much do you charge for security services in Brisbane?

What Are The Charges For Security Services

What Costs Are Associated When Hiring Security Guards!

When you need security guards for your function or to secure your property these key points must be kept in mind as it affects the cost of having security guards.

  1. What type of security services are you looking at? Is it for birthday party, wedding reception or a corporate or game?
  2. Is it a static job or a crowd controlling job?
  3. What is the function or event for?
  4. How long will the event go for? The minimum hours we cater are 5 hours for a guard to be on your premises.
  5. In case its a break and enter of your home or office premises – how long will the repairs be done so that the premises will be secure again?

PS: Longer shifts will attract special discounted rates.

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Why should you consider the services of UR Protection Security Services as your security guard provider?

Why Choose UR Protective Security For Your Event!

What you need to know when you select us to look after your security!

Here are some important points to take into consideration when you employ a security guard through our company.

  • All our guards have been professionally trained in security services
  • All guards turn up to work in security uniforms
  • Our security company is fully licensed and insured
  • We are proud to be a labor hire company
  • We focusing on good reporting. We fill in incident and occurrence reports for all clients when we do a security job
  • Our focus is helping to minimum the risk of incidents happening at events
  • We liaison with police and the fire department in case of emergencies
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Where can I access security guards to protect a large residential or commercial building in Brisbane?

How To Get Security Guards For A Party Or Industrial Site

Planning an event? Need security for the event?

We can supply security guards to your upcoming event. All you need to do is

  • Tell us the venue
  • When is the venue happening
  • How many hours will the event go for and how many hours you need security for

If its overnight we can get a guard posted at your premises or have a patrol car visit a few times during the night.

Call us for more details

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How often do you provide security night patrol services in a night?

About Night Services – How Often Can I Have A Patrol Car Visit My Business

Security Patrol Cars For Night Service!

We can arrange to have security cars monitor your property as often as you need each night. Some clients may want their premises monitored every hour. While other clients may want a patrol car to visit their property every two or three hours.

So it all depends what our clients need. If you need patrol cars to monitor your property – residential or industrial call us for a quote.

Our guards will drive pass your home, stop check that the doors and windows are secure and place a security slip into the door to say they have called. There will be stickers on the door and windows to tell intruders that the premises are monitored.

In case there is a break-in incident the guard will call the police, make an incident report and notify you the client immediately. The guard will stay at the property until the property is secured.

Call us for more information.

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What type of security services do you provide to residential and commercial clients?

What Security Services Are Provided

List of Security Services We provide
  • Nightly Security Patrol Services
  • More than once night security patrols
  • Guards posted at your venue 24/7
  • Event security: Weddings, Birthdays, Functions
  • Large event security such as football matches, music festivals.
  • Crowd control security
  • Electronic security surveillance
  • K9 services
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Do you supply K9 patrols?

K9 Patrol Services Provided

Is K9 Patrols Provided By Your Company?

Yes UR Protection Security Services provide k9 security for industrial and construction sites. The K9 is accompanied by a trained dog handler who will arrive on teh premises in a marked patrol car to do surveillance of the property. If you need K9 patrols please call us to organize this for you.

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Birthday Party Security Guards For Hire

Panning a birthday party can be stressful, but our team is here to help.

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